Online eye contact with IRIS: that feels like a face to face conversation

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Web conferencing programs such as WebEx are ideal for businesses with various locations or with worldwide collaboration between partners,             customers and suppliers. After all: no inconvenient agenda planning, no travelling time, but quicker results.

No eye contact with WebEx
WebEx has one disadvantage in regard to online meetings:
you have no eye contact. WebEx does indeed use
a webcam. And every webcam user recognises the same problem: you can      never look straight at each other because you are looking at the monitor             and not into the webcam. It is only a detail, but this detail is important.

WebEx + IRIS = online eye contact
IRIS is a monitor with a mirror construction which ensures that you always have eye contact with your conversation partner. IRIS can be combined with all web conferencing programs, therefore with WebEx as well. A relatively cheap solution which will considerably improve the quality of your online discussions. Read more about IRIS

The necessity for eye contact
Regular eye contact gives the feeling of being united with the person you are talking to. That creates trust and prevents misunderstandings. People are quick to think that a person who avoids eye contact has something to hide. That appears untrustworthy.